Furniture bank helps formerly homeless man get fresh start on life
A few weeks ago, Todd Halsell was seeking warmth at Shelter House. He was experiencing homelessness then.
Since January, he's gotten help to start a new life, with an apartment in Westwood. And a closing hotel is helping furnish it. Downtown's Garfield Suites Hotel is being converted into apartments.
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As living costs rise, furniture poverty grows behind closed doors
Without furniture you can’t do anything,” Afham tells me as he recalls how he, his wife and three young children found themselves in an empty flat in Newham. Afham is no stranger to adversity. “I’m originally from south Asia where I fought against injustice. In 2001 they broke my legs and threw me into the road thinking I was dead. I came to the UK and worked as a disability support teacher and my wife also teaches, but neither of us is allowed to work anymore.”
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Why imported furniture is here to stay
How has the importation of furniture affected local production?
Local production has been affected greatly because nowadays, more people are influenced by prices than by the quality of furniture. With imported furniture’s being cheaper, many people are buying them instead of locally made furniture.
A few years ago, the ministry of Industrialisation called for promotion of furniture made in Kenya in public offices. Has this been adhered to?
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Where to Buy Gorgeous Vintage Furnishings Online
If the old maxim is to be believed, truly good design never goes out of style. So when shopping for your next renovation, don’t forget to look to the past. Vintage and antique furniture can give priceless character to a space, adding depth and narrative not found in matching bedroom sets. Vintage isn’t just for the antiques lover—give your living room a sleek touch with a midcentury-modern credenza, upholster a Louis XVI chair in graphic contemporary fabric, or mix early American pieces into a bohemian space.
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14 Outdoor Pallet Furniture DIYs for Spring
If you’ve got a knack for reusing and repurposing one woman’s junk into your own treasure, chances are you’ll love the latest outdoor pallet furniture trend on Pinterest. While pallet furniture might be an OG in the DIY world, there are still *plenty* of reasons why people can’t get enough of it for all their outdoor lounging and entertaining needs. This super versatile and cheap-to-come-by material looks great on any patio, tiny balcony or backyard lawn and can be made into a modern statement-maker with the right paint colors, textures and designs.
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